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erin-sblend_origFurnace Hills Coffee™ has a commitment to hire people that are developmentally disabled.

Meet Erin Baldwin, Not only is she our first employee, but she’s our Chief Roaster as well.Erin has down syndrome but that hasn’t stopped her from doing something that she loves.

Although she is challenged in how she lives her life in a number of areas, she loves to roast coffee and is doing a great job at it. She has been so great in fact, that she has inspired the phrase “Special Coffee Roasted by Special People”. As our company grows, we strive to hire more people with developmental disabilities. 



chrisWe would like to introduce you to Chris, he is one of our coffee roasters. Chris has autism but he doesn’t let that stop him, he loves working at Furnace Hills. Chris can be found most weekends watching NASCAR and is saving up to one day go to the Daytona 500. Chris also has the best handwriting of any of us, so he also helps us out  by doing all the writing on our chalkboard signs.

We hope that Chris is just the second in a long line of people with developmental disabilities that we hire here at Furnace Hills as we continue to grow.




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